The Cage of Gold

Pictures went viral yesterday of a bride, a TV presenter, being hoisted down in a cage from the roof of her building to the street’s pavement and off to the wedding.

Many comments have been made regarding this image; some of them were funny whereas others were full of sarcasm. We can find examples like “Is she marrying a contractor or an architect?” and “Maybe she just doesn’t fit in the elevator or she’s just too tired to go down the stairs”.

The objective of this article is to shed light on the matter of internal freedom rather than belittling the actions of a certain individual.  Everyone is entitled to do whatever he pleases to do with his own life, with the exception of trespassing on someone else’s freedom (that’s a given). The intentions behind this article consist of bringing to surface behavioral and social problematics, along with how we externalize internal aspects of ourselves.

Bride in a cage on roof [KnYghT Mind Architects]If we look at it from a non-judgmental but deeper perspective, the bride, with the prospective of stealing the spotlight and the crowds’ attention by her dramatic entrance (exit in this case), along with the idea of doing something cool and out of the ordinary (so it might go viral), tripped over the concept of symbolism.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ~ Albert Einstein

Life is symbolic! According to psychoanalysts like Freud, Jung and Ferenczi, symbols and metaphors depict the internal reality of the individual. The symbols we exhibit or dream of are an externalization of our inner psyche, our own beliefs.

Two options emerge in our bride’s case:

The first one portraying the symbol of being trapped in a cage for 30+ years of singlehood and marriage being her salvation – the door to freedom.

The second option illustrating the symbol of being trapped in a cage for 30+ years of singlehood and jumping into the golden cage… an upgrade.

Being in a cage for decades implies that the individual wasn’t free; many mental and emotional characteristics are associated to the herein state. All primary “negative” emotions like loneliness, sadness and boredom can be read between the lines. If we look at the paper now behind the lines and the in-betweens, we find disturbing personality traits – finding a way out by marriage is a break from a crushing reality of being with oneself.

On another note, the most harmonious and healthy relationships are based on the internal freedom and self-love of each partner: If we are already free, we enter the relationship with our own will because it’s a preference rather than a need. Being free advances us to love better, whether ourselves, our partner or our children. One key to happiness is being content with ourselves and by ourselves without the need of external factors.

As for the second option, jumping from one cage to another is kind of redundant; painting the cage gold just makes the cage’s bars look good… the world is still being viewed rather than roamed! Our bride missed the moment of inter-cages to freeze time and understand the meanings of freedom and marriage; maybe it was time, while in that cage she’s proud of, to reflect upon her life and that of her future children. Didn’t she realize, at that exact moment, that she was in a cage? Wasn’t she present? Or was she taken by the awes of her audience?

Marriage is a union. One is still free while married (for the right reasons of course). The only difference is that the bird, who used to fly within the flock of his parents, has grown now and is creating a flock of his own, with his partner, side by side. Why is it called an alliance ring?

Bride in a cage [KnYghT Mind Architects]If viewed correctly, marriage is a beautiful life event with plenty of growth milestones for the individual. On the other hand, if viewed incorrectly (internally at least), marriage would be another locked room darkening ourselves; those primary emotions will grow as our expectations decline.

Women have been fighting to get their rights for centuries now. Those rights are actually tools and ways to access freedom. However, if we internally view ourselves as prisoners, fighting for the right to freedom is futile and on the verge of hypocrisy. As all characteristics we would like to have, freedom starts from within. It starts on the psychological level, way before the socio-economical ones.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. ~ Buddha

Our bride is objectifying herself, meaning making herself an object which is acted upon rather than a subject who acts for herself. Even animals should not be trapped in cages. The imprisonment of animals has been created for the sole purpose of entertaining us. We take away freedom for our own pleasure… that is just cruel.

Viktor Frankl, a key figure in existential therapy, was a holocaust survivor.  He firmly held his inner freedom when enduring the atrocities in Auschwitz concentration camp. From that freedom, he discovered how important it is to find meaning for existence, a reason to continue living.

Most often people exhibit their false selves while performing an action, thinking it’s out of the ordinary or under the colors of originality. The bride has exhibited many traits such as the need for attention (proven by the tons of pictures of herself on her page), the objectification of herself, her own entrapment and all corresponding etiologies.

They say that a good beginning makes a good ending and today is going to be a very exciting day – the beginning of your family life. And I believe that your love story is going to have a happy end. Or no end at all.


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