The author

KnYghT is a professional psychologist and a mentor to many youngsters.

His holistic approach (psychoanalytical, neo-analytical, cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, gestalt, apprenticing, psycho-social, Eriksonian and Skinnerian), along with hands-on experience in psychology, as well as his observant-reflective nature made him forward to basics in life… stripping the non-essential.

He also underwent extensive training and experience in the modalities of coaching (life and educational), NLP, hypnotherapy and dimensional breathwork.

Traveling the world and learning from the philosophies and cultures along with his minor in theology led him to adopt a mystic-darwinian dogma in life.

KnYghT has several diplomas from prestigious universities (France and USA); a degree in general physics, a Bachelor of Arts in clinical psychology, a Master of Science in electro-mechanical engineering, a specialized Master of Engineering in helicopter engineering and another specialized Master of Engineering in environmental engineering. KnYghT is currently undergoing a masters degree in neuro-psychology with an emphasis on education.

He is fully immersed in the professional and the academic fields with a decade of experience in business and teaching in several universities and colleges.

KnYghT has led many seminars, workshops and training covering subjects related to psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, learning, the power of the mind, theology, health and business. KnYghT is also a clinical psychotherapist dealing with issues ranging from smoking cessation to personality disorders.

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