KnYghT Mind Architects is a multi-disciplinary counseling firm specialized in child and adolescent psychology.

Our Team consists of ardent counselors with years of experience in teaching and in psychology.

KnYghT’s holistic (mind, body and soul) approach inspires children to become whole and good with themselves. The techniques are designed to accompany the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of the child from infancy to adulthood assuring success of each phase. The techniques we use are merged in a way, and depending on the individuality of each child (or adult), to get fast and long-lasting positive change.

These techniques include but not limited to: inspirational, cognitive, behavioral, psychometry, LOTTM, counseling, ACT, DBT, behavioral activation, mindfulness, performance, play for children, timeline, NLP and school interventions. They are based around child psychology and on developmental, educational, learning, differential, assessment and health psychologies.

KnYghT’s counselors are devoted to help people know who they are and to put objectives that reflect their being as an expression of themselves so they can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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