A frustrated man in his Ferrari

Are you successful? The 21st century started and continues with the whole “be successful” propaganda. The concept of success is shifting to a measure of how fancy your car is, how high your position in the company is, how thick your wallet is, how expensive your suit is and how high-end the nightclub you go to is. What about the people with little money or with no cars? Aren’t they successful at all?

If we look up success on the internet or in commercials, we find men and women in suits wearing a smile extending to their ears. We also find arrays of tips, techniques and books on how to be successful. These techniques come according to their author’s definition of success, circumstances and experience in life.

Each one of us has his own definition of success. This definition is the product of a complex system put forth by a multitude of intertwined factors. These factors are in turn the foundations of our being. What makes us unique, i.e. our character and our personality, also makes our definition of success.

Unfortunately, this definition is being tainted by outside pretenses. They sell us success and bombard us with images of superficial ideals. Little did they know or cared that this image, along with our own values and principles, might lead to all kinds of frustration break outs.

Too much pressure is being put on us, whether directly or indirectly, to make more money and to get power and fame. You have got to try harder, learn this technique, have that communication skill… All what these do, besides giving frustration, is absorbing us into a whirlpool of self-banishment… A frustrated man in a suit and a Ferrari is not really considered successful.

We come up with misleading factors like the types of intelligence and the balancing of life’s aspects to determine whether or not we are successful. The fake images of success we are embracing make us forget the essentials in life and how we forward to basics.

How about we tear down this wall of beliefs planted by our parents, schools, society, environment and media?

There are two definitions for success in my opinion:

The first one is related to a certain task – the accomplishment of that task is equal to success.

The second one, on the other hand, is related to the intrinsic and biological drive of growth.

Case study:

If we build a brick wall (even concrete) and leave it in the open for while, we might notice that plant organisms will develop in the cracks or in the clay between the bricks. How is that possible?

growing-out-from-wall [KnYghT Mind Architects]

Living organisms, whether animal or vegetal, grow and succeed in the desert with it’s arid land and tremendous heat.

Plants grow from a wasteland, from the impossible, and become powerful trees. There’s a natural intelligence in all things and especially in those struck by life. All living organisms are designed to succeed and grow. They are always meant for growth and evolution. The plants coming out from the wall are being successful just by being along with a pinch of guidance, water and sunshine.

Forwarding to basics consists of changing the perception of what is possible and what success really is. These are intrinsically embedded in us. Your subconscious mind is always learning something, putting it to use and performing a hidden internal task that is successful even if you are not consciously aware of.

Thus, all we need to do is believe in ourselves and in the huge power of embedded success and our natural growth drive. We are made to succeed and we are made to evolve on a biological level. The only requirement is to breathe.

A corequisite to breathing for success is getting rid of the non-essential and having inner integrity. By having the latter, we become good within ourselves, we have harmony and peace of mind… success! That is why mystics have been preaching these two concepts since the inception of time.

Embracing this perspective, the ride becomes smoother… slow down, relax and enjoy the present. You’ll be able to happily achieve instead of achieving to become happy. You’ll be able to achieve just by being, for the right reasons, as an expression of self, to learn and to grow.

A job is then just an expression of oneself as opposed to a reflection of oneself. “Career failure” becomes just a trial, just a certain way that did not work in a certain situation, at a given time.

Breathe deeply and slowly, embracing your peace of mind.

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